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The Story:

Kid Kourageous is an animated movie that follows the adventures of teenage crime fighter, David Martinez. The movie begins with David returning home from a military junior high in Japan where he has been living for the past few years. He slowly settles back into life in his hometown, making new friends and adjusting to high school. However, when a group of evildoers threatens to take over the city, David is forced to use his skills to protect his loved ones. With the help of his cousin, David foils the bad guys' plans and saves the day. Kid Kourageous is a heart-pounding adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Cast & Crew


Mike Mountain

Writer & Animation

Mike Mountain


Adam Churchwell

Mike Mountain

Voice Talent

Narrator - Shawn McClurg

Kid Kourageous - Dan Adams.

High IQ - ​.Cody Rock

Sierra - KMiaZakky

Daniel Martinez - Nick Maluf

Mary Martinez - Angelique Lazarus

Edwin Reese - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

Old Man Harely - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

The Electriz - Katie Otten

Scientist - Nick Maluf

Receptionist - Katie Otten

City Mayor - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

Teacher - Angelique Lazarus

Reporter - Katie Otten

Gang Members - Lito290

Charles - Lito290

Police Officer - WardenOuma

Taxi Driver - Matthew Carr Anderson


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