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Meet the Cast of Kid Kourageous

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

I'd like to thank the cast of voice actors that participated in the making of "Kid Kourageous" the animated film. Some had bigger jobs than others but they all put their hearts into it with the utmost effort and I appreciate them for that. When I first wrote the script for the film in Fall of 2019 I had no idea how I was going to make this all happen much less get the right voice talent being that I had absolutely no budget but I found a way. helped facilitate that key element of voice talent that I needed after being referred by a fellow self taught animation artist. It all began to make sense and come together like pieces of a puzzle. Working with these guys and gals was very pleasant and they all turned their work into me in a timely fashion. I really couldn't ask for more. My only regret was not being able to produce the film sooner as a proof of work for them to use on each of their voice acting resumes. So here's to you guys, the voice actors that helped make all of this come to Life! Thank you, Mike Mountain

Voice Talent

Narrator - Shawn McClurg

Kid Kourageous - Dan Adams.

High IQ - ​.Cody Rock

Sierra - KMiaZakky

Daniel Martinez - Nick Maluf

Mary Martinez - Angelique Lazarus

Edwin Reese - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

Old Man Harely - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

The Electriz - Katie Otten

Scientist - Nick Maluf

Receptionist - Katie Otten

City Mayor - Andre Lemuel Rodriguez

Teacher - Angelique Lazarus

Reporter - Katie Otten

Gang Members - Lito290

Charles - Lito290

Police Officer - WardenOuma

Taxi Driver - Matthew Carr Anderson ​

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