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The Next Episode of Kid Kourageous and what makes Sierra so Special.

Updated: May 7, 2022

The Key Character to the Sequel to Kid Kourageous (Full Movie) is Sierra. She's the one like most Women in the esoteric. metaphysical sense has the keys to change the rules of the game if she so chooses to. The physical realm is all about the Woman so let this world we created unfold into adventure through Sierra. My mom gave her that name "Sierra" because I couldn't come up with one for her so that's the name she chose. I said "Are you sure, Mom?" She said "Yeah I like it." So that's what we named her. There's much more to her and she's tied into the Kid Kourageous origin story quite intricately. That Plot twist was all my idea. But you'll be delighted to see what's in store. Until then, stay tuned folks!

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