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The Creation of Kid Kourageous

Today, I write my first blog for Kid Kourageous so here goes nothing. When I first came up with the concept for my character I was about 11 years old in a creative writing class at a school for the talented and gifted that my mom and aunt enrolled me in a few years prior. The original concept was about a kid who was a ninja that secretly protected his school from other antagonists and evil villains such as the evil Principal who was a Evil Super Villain in secret. This was supposed to be a action-comedy much like Kid Kouragous is now. As the years passed by and I was introduced to other animated cartoons, movies and comic books my character changed. It became a combination of my favorite cartoon titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman the Animated Series, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men the list goes on. One thing I always wanted to make sure of was that it was for children of all ages. That way I'd reach the largest audience and have no worries about inappropriate content or language in my work. I wanted to make sure that I could offer lessons in morals, ethics and plain clean fun to my audience without the hindrance of mature content. Another thing that made it special and unique to me was that my character was created as a mixed race or mixed ethnicity child and that always hit home for me being of multi-cultural heritage myself. I wanted to show what it is like to grow up in an unconventional family that breaks racial stereotypes as to preconceived notions as to how someone of a certain group speaks or lives. This was very important to me because I felt that mixed-race characters need more representation in this world. I named my character David because he not only reminds me of King David from the bible who defeats the Giant Goliath but it's just a name that stuck with me over the years. This is just the beginning to a Series of movie installments that tell the tales of the Kid Kourageuos adventures so be sure to stick around for more. Kid Kourageous is a Son, a Brother, a Cousin, a Student, and a trained Fighter. Put it all together and you've got one great Hero! Until next time my friends,

Mike Mountain

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