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The Tools it took to create Kid Kourageous

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

My journey to creating the animation for "Kid Kourageous" started very small and as of right now it's still that same way. When I say small I mean using the most simplest and rather older tools to create state of the art 2D animation. Sure my Adobe Animate program was up to date but for almost 3 years I've been using a 2007 Toshiba Satellite Laptop. That Laptop came with Windows 7 and I upgraded it as the years went on until I eventually couldn't use it anymore. Thanks to my Producer Adam who sent me one of his old laptops from 2015 that was much faster with a lot more RAM. I continued to use my old Epson Perfection V19 flatbed digital scanner which I'd take captures of drawings I did in my sketchbook. Using the most rudimentary of methods I would literally draw every frame, scan it into my computer, digitally enhance each image or character rig with Adobe Animate and/ or Adobe Photoshop, and finally edit every thing into a reel. It took me 3 years from writing the story to completing the final edit but it was the journey that was so enriching and fulfilling not just the end result and feeling of accomplishment. Next time I intend to use a faster computer a bigger scanner and even better drawing tools. I was even thinking about hiring a whole writing team to get the next film's story even better than the first. This is why we ask for Donations to get the next Movie done because we know from experience that it's not the latest tools that make you good it's how you use the tools you have so imagine what we could do with greater resources behind us. We thank you in advance, Mike Mountain

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Drawing of a Character Rig for Kid Kourageous
Drawing of a Character Rig for Kid Kourageous

Drawing of a Character Rig for Kid Kourageous
Drawing of a Character Rig for Kid Kourageous

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